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Mellany Paynter
Mellany Paynter
Creative Wellness Coach

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Mellany,

I'm a Creative Wellness Coach, Speaker, and Author. I am passionate about seeing others WIN! In their career, relationship or life in general. I was the woman who was so lost after experiencing a loss, confusion became my new norm. I was hurt and in pain for a period of my life. It was only when I became suicidal that a turn-around happened. Thankfully, I chose LIFE that day!

Since then, I embarked on a tireless journey to empower other women with the creative healing tools I adopted, so they too could overcome and manifest greatness in all areas of their lives. I even wrote a book about my healing journey. You can check it out - Dancing At The Crossroad.

I enjoy engaging with my community through coaching and speaking. See the great work I've been doing so far on my website.

Think of me as your project manager, mentor, and friend all wrapped up into one. I help you focus on the things that matter!

So happy you stopped by. Let's get started!

Mellany Paynter

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