Feel more confident in your ability to manage a large amount of content you create in the ideating process.


    Improve creative and critical thinking as you piece together your book from bits to a comprehensive whole


    Create a deeper understanding of your topic of interest by having all your writing process

Are You Struggling With Knowing Where or How To Start On Your Book?

Are you confused about not knowing what resource(s) to use to get your book started?

Do you need some direction on how to map timelines to take your book from start to finish?

Do you need to evoke your creative juices to piece all the parts of your book together? 


No Fear!! 

I'm here to help...

Even if you've been a very disciplined organizer and planner for years, it can still be difficult to get your creative juices flowing around writing a book, much less planning out how this book would come to life. The simple truth is...

Writing a book requires a system!

If you're constantly going back and forth on where to start, and you just can’t see a way forward from point A to B, OR you're feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and unsure, then this course is for you.

Maybe you're false-starting because...

You're not allocating enough time and energy to it OR you're constantly in your own way OR you think that you need a lot money ($$) to start!

Over the course of writing my book, I created a system that will provide you with a visual of all the moving parts and help you break down each step into four main areas - Product, Pricing, Promotion, Placement

You'll be able to use this simple creative layout to put yourself in control of each next step and see the big picture so you can execute systematically, and launch your idea confidently.

Do not leave your book idea on the shelf because you're too scared to make a move, or worse, see that very idea published by someone else because you never got it off the ground!

By the end of this class, you'll be able to:

  • Convert your ideas and words into easily-understood visuals

  • Learn how to use mind maps to brainstorm your book in 4 major areas

  • Create detailed structure and next steps from your outline

  • Manage the content of your work to not only start but finish your book

  • SAVE TIME and ENERGY trying to figure out all the steps necessary to create your book

  • CONFIDENTLY implement each phase of your author process from outline to becoming published

What's Included

A peak at what you'll get

What They're Saying...

Marie D.

She will have you spilling your guts on paper!!!!!!

Marie D.

She gave me a voice and unleashed the inner strength within me to go public with my story. Mel is a phenomenal coach, motivator, instructor, leader, an avid listener with such warmth and passion for her work! Leave it to Mel she will have you spilling your guts on paper!!!!!!
J. Francis

To see this's mind blowing!

J. Francis

While doing Mel’s writing class it really helped to clarify all those questions and more. Especially, the mind mapping aspect of the course where you get to see this road map of exactly what your book would be, its mind blowing.


  • What is mind mapping?

    A mind map is an easy way to brainstorm thoughts organically without worrying about order and structure. It allows you to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis.

  • Why mind map my book?

    Mind mapping your book helps you create a roadmap of sorts for all the moving parts of your book so you have a big picture idea of how of your author process.

  • Would I be able to write my book from this?

    Yes. You would already have the framework for what and how you need to write, which gets your creative juices flowing as you start writing.